Staying clean is not just a need – it sometimes becomes a privilege.

Who does not want to have clean clothes to wear?

However, it is hard to wash them by hand every day, and that is where a washing machine comes in handy.

Who We Are?

We come from a family who has been dealing in washing machine sales, repairs, and delivery for many years. With the online market taking a huge bite out of our retail business, we are now using our experience to help our customers online.

Our network spanned multiple states and we have had experience working with both domestic and commercial establishments.

Our Experience

Experts at Washing Machine Guide do not have affiliation to any one brand – we have been dealing in all brands and have seen them all evolve overtime. We understand customer needs and know when they are overspending on things they do not need. Not only that, but we are also well versed with advanced features available in premium models and know which ones work the best in particular situations.

We know when a semi-automatic, fully automatic and washing machine models with driers add value. Not only that, but we also have a good idea of when you do not need to spend more than you need – retail shops usually oversell, and you get stuck with spending more than your washing/drying needs. Our intention is to share our washing machine knowledge and experience with you.

Trust Promise

Washing Machine Guide promise to you guys is simple – we are not here to hawk any one brand, and our advice is not opinionated.

Our promise to you is that you will get professionally researched information here to help you make the right decision, so you can make informed decisions to get the best washing machine to fit your needs.