Do you need to clean a thing that is always cleaning things? One might wonder why we need to clean our top load washing machine, but the truth is that they do need some regular care and cleaning.

Have you been noticing some stale damp smell coming from your clothes? If that’s the case, then it is the definitive sign that it’s time to pull up your socks and clean your top-load machine. Remember, just because your top load washing machine looks clean on the inside and on the outside, it isn’t really clean.

Smelly clothes with faded spots mean it’s time that you pay some attention to your washing machine. Cleaning a top load washing machine is not that difficult if you know how to go about it.

Over the regular usage, all the grime and dirt that was on your clothes would eventually get collected on the interiors of the washing machine. Trust us! The real dirt in the washing machine is seldom visible. So, you really need to know everything about how to clean a top load washing machine? This post will help you with every tip that you can follow to get a squeaky clean top load washing machine.

Top Loading Washing Machine Cleaning Tips

Now let’s focus on the best way to clean top load washing machine. It’s not that difficult if you approach the situation with an open mind. Remember that top load washing machine comes in two variants - the fully automatic ones and the semi-automatic ones. The cleaning process, however, is similar for both of them with certain differences.

So here are some pro-tips presented stepwise on the best way to clean top load washing machine:

1. Take some bleach

Fill the tub of your top load washing machine with hot water. Remember we need hot water not boiling water, so be wary of the temperature of the water that you choose. Add a mug full of bleach to it let it soak for 60 minutes. After that run your machine for one complete wash cycle. This will help eliminate any molds and fungus in the washing machine.

2. Take some vinegar

Once you are done with the bleach soak step, fill your top load washing machine with hot water again and add a cup full of vinegar. Let it soak for 60 minutes.

3. Exterior and other parts cleaning

While the vinegar soaks in the tub, let’s utilize this time to clean the other components of your top load washing machine. This is where the top load washing machine cleaner comes in handy. Use the product as per the instructions and wipe all the visible metal and plastic components gently. Make sure you cover the detergent dispenser unit and the spinner tub in case of the semi-automatic top load washing machine.

4. Run the wash cycle again

Run a complete wash cycle again once the 60 minutes of vinegar soak is done. After the cycle is complete drain all the water. Now your top load washing machine is clean both from the inside and outside. It’s not only clean it’s also completely sanitized. That means your clothes will start smelling fresh again.

The Top Load Washing Machine Cleaner

The tips that we mentioned above are pretty easy to implement, however, if you are a person who is short on time, then there is this great product called top load washing machine cleaner. There are many brands that produce them and all of them are good to use. The best part is that they completely descale your washing machine and sanitize them.

Using them is relatively simple and does not involve any steps. It also takes much lesser time to get your top load washing machine clean using them. Some of the best ones are listed below for our readers:

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Now you know how to really keep your top load washing machine clean. We have cited here both the long and the short method of cleaning your washing machine.

Just another word of advice - there are many top load washing machine cleaner products available in the online markets. All come with their own set of usage instructions that are pretty easy to follow. Do read them and understand them well before use.

Do follow us for more such informative posts in future. Feel free to write to us in case you need more information. Our team of experts will be more than glad to help you out.